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Hello. . .   let me tell you all about Grasshoppers

Who will look after me?



Hi my name is Karen.  I am a level 2 nursery nurse and am hoping to do my level 3 shortly.  I love working with children of all ages.  I am a single mum and have raised 2 children.


At home I have 5 dogs, 4 chickens and as soon as the aviary is finished, hope to have 50 lovebirds!


I enjoy doing arts and crafts, jigsaw puzzles, cross stitch, sewing and decoupage cards.  I am not very good at gardening but am great at growing weeds and brambles!

Grasshoppers is a wonderful and fun after school club for all Primary aged children.


We offer a local school collection service, and once inside Longscroft, the team ensure the children have plenty to occupy themselves before tea.

The children have many age - appropriate games and toys to play with, from traditional board games, to puppets
and dolls.


Karen loves all things creative and
is the first to suggest getting arty.

photo showing two children from Longscroft playing with puppets
Photo showing girl from Grasshoppers playing with a hoola hoop
photo showing two boys playing with bikes at Longscroft

And whatever the weather, we are keen to see the children spend as much time as possible enjoying the fresh air and letting off steam after a long day at school.

All children in Grasshoppers enjoy a varied light tea, freshly prepared and cooked on site, which consists of of dishes such as beans on toast, or home-made vegetable soup and roll.

photo showing two children from grasshopper playing at Longscroft
image of the Longscroft logo - a grey rabbit

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