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Who will look after me?

Ladybirds is one of our two dedicated pre-school rooms for children moving up from Dragonflies.

The focus on classroom readiness gradually increases, and practising the many skills for school is shared in fun activities within small groups. Pencil control and cutting out are just a few of the important steps, alongside number and letter recognition. We explore through painting and sticking, and ensure our topics change frequently.


Changing for PE and concentrating on activities for slightly longer periods of time are a few of the aptitudes we rehearse. Children are encouraged to work together in groups and pairs to promote social and sharing skills. Story time is always a favourite among the children, whatever the topic.


We continue to utilise each child's interests to plan activities that extend their learning and enjoyment. Coupled with our monthly topics, our room is ever evolving through the books, toys, creative play, songs, role-play and garden areas. Social-interaction games, circle time and free-flow play are a part of daily life in Ladybirds, as well as reinforcing self-feeding and bathroom skills.


Hello. . .   let me tell you all about Ladybirds.

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Lunch Time

Snack time

Getting fresh air

Games and fun

Preparing for school

Throughout the nursery the children practice many different skills in order to prepare them for school. In Ladybirds we know it is vital that the children are settled and feel confident in feeding themselves. They all enjoy eating together as a group and during the sunny weather we like to eat outside in our shaded area.

Eating with my friends

photo showing children sitting down to eat in Ladybirds, Longscroft

Energy boosts

At mid-morning and mid-afternoon we like to refuel our children with healthy snacks and drinks to encourage a balanced diet. Snack time provides great opportunities for the children to interact with each other and to make friends, especially when we take it all outside and enjoy
a mini tea-party

photo showing snack time and apples at Longscroft
photo showing snack time drinking at Longscroft

Let's play

Whether we are running around or playing catch, having a mini tea party or dressing up, there
is always plenty to keep us
busy outside.


Challenges in the playground, jumping in coloured puddles and exploring our café are some of our favourite activities to experience outside.


We endeavour to enhance the children’s gross motor skills through giving them a healthy dose of fresh air at least twice a day. We also have a wooden
play area for the children to develop their climbing and balancing skills too.

photo showing tea party at Longscroft

Let's explore!

Collaborative play and working together to problem solve are vital skills that we learn in Ladybirds.  Interacting with our friends through role play helps develop our imaginative skills.


In Ladybirds we encourage creative play through arts and crafts, making music and exploring the world around us using natural resources and kinaesthetic materials.

photo showing children playing in the sandpit at Longscroft

PE sessions, workbooks, scissor control and pencil practice are some of the skills we prepare the children for. With number and letter recognition, shapes and colours, we use many fun and stimulating ways to learn.

Team work

photo showing children enjoying sport coaching at Longscroft
image of the Longscroft logo - a grey rabbit





I've been in childcare for over 10 years. I have two grown-up boys and a mad chocolate labrador.



I have worked in childcare for 15 years. I have experience in working with all ages ad I enjoy my role as SENCO. I have two children who I love spending time with doing outdoor activities

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